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Oenanthe Overexposed

Yesterday, before dawn, I ventured out. No fixed plan, just see what I would come across. At a small dyke, I found some Northern Wheatears. Both male and female. They where mainly busy searching for […]

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Beach Bird

During my stay on Helgoland, we hoped for some rare type of Wheatear. In the week before our visit an Isabelline Wheatear had been reported. But: no luck, on the main Island we encountered a […]

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Wheatear 2 Times a Year

Although the Northern Wheatear is still a breeding species for The Netherlands, albeit in declining numbers, best chances to see them are during the spring and autumn migration. Hence, two times a year. Since we […]

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Wryneck and Wheatear

The last period has been rather dull when it comes to birding. Summer is the low season by nature, but the drought and high temps made it even worse. Now, migration is slowly starting, resulting […]

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Another Oenanthe

As I have written in several blogs over the past years, the Northern Wheatear is in decline here in The Netherlands. As a breeding species, that is. During the migration period however, there’s many that […]

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Wheatear here, Wheatear there, Wheatear ….

Last week I was checking out a local patch, when I suddenly saw a Northern Wheatear on top of a pile of sand. While slowly approaching the bird, I noticed another one on my left. No, […]

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During this time of year, migration time, the presence of certain species can change from day to day. One day the Whinchats are abundant, the other day not a single one is around anymore. The […]

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Traveling Wheatears

This time of year one can see Northern Wheatears in many places along the coastline. Unfortunately the number of breeding Wheatears is declining rapidly in The Netherlands, due to changes in the soil and intensive […]

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