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The Wires

As in the previous years, I decided to try and check ‘the Wires’ for migrating Whinchats. They were present for sure, but seemed less willing to let themselves be seen than in other years. Nevertheless, […]

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Whinchat on a Wire

The last two weeks I have paid several visits to a Whinchat that was not all that shy. The different visits made for different results. Not only in terms of background, light and colours – […]

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Whinchat in Numbers

Over the last 10 days or so I have been looking for Whinchats at a spot where I usually see them this time of year. The first attempts were fruitless; Whinchats are mainly migrants in […]

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During this time of year, migration time, the presence of certain species can change from day to day. One day the Whinchats are abundant, the other day not a single one is around anymore. The […]

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This Whinchat is probably on it’s first long trip to tropical Africa. Most of the birds we see around here are just passing by. I like these little birds, since they are usually nicely perched […]

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