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The White Edition

While the newspapers wrote about a Great White in the waters of Hawaii, I visited our own ‘white monster’: a leucistic Great Crested Grebe. Since I had never seen one, I decided to spend my […]

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This time of year the Great Crested Grebes usually display their extraordinary courtship rituals. Not my Grebes though. Every year they raise some chicks, so they must have some affection, but they hardly ever show […]

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Washing away the Blue Monday Blues

This morning I had a plan…. I wanted to shoot some birds in the first rays of sun shining through the morning fog. Alas, the morning fog decided to claim the full day and the […]

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A Clash about Coot’s Castle

This week I found two Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) that seemed to have found a nesting site. A pair of Coots (Meerkoet) however apparently had their eyes on this place as well, an maybe even […]

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Parks and Ponds

When thinking about ‘nature’ or ‘wildlife’, many city dwellers think about ‘having to travel somewhere’. What many people often neglect is the variety of species they could find in their towns and cities. City parks […]

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Easy Grebes

Since these Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) live only a five minute walk from my front door, I visit them often if I have limited time, or just want to stretch my legs between work at […]

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Dancing in the Dark

Spring is slowly coming, or so it seems. At least the Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) are starting to perform their courting rituals. They seem to prefer one of the darker parts of the ponds here […]

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