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Harbour Homies

This week I visited the harbour two times. All the usual suspects showed up: Purple Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones and Oystercatchers. Good to see the Sandpipers again, for me the first time this fall. As I […]

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The Dutch Tundra?

Initially we had planned driving up north. Bad weather predictions and not being all that fit, made Menno and me decide to cancel the trip. Still I felt going outside for a while wouldn’t hurt, […]

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The first time I was allowed to vote, I voted PSP (Pacifist Socialist Party). Years later, PSP for me would mean Purple Sand Piper. Interesting how things develop. Anyway. This time of year is good […]

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Big City Birding

Living in the 3rd largest city of The Netherlands (some odd 500.000 inhabitants) doesn’t mean that one always has to travel long or far to do some nice birding. There’s a forest/park only two minutes walking […]

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At the shoreline

It is almost surreal: last week the temps reached almost 30 degrees Celsius, yesterday heavy rains and storm. Fall has arrived…. In any case it’s worth checking the shorelines now and then for vagrant birds. […]

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Birding instead of photographing

At the moment I have a rather busy schedule, so not much time to spend on photo projects. However, when I can, I quickly venture out for some birding in the area – or to […]

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Killer Kestrel and more

Yesterday was a nice, sunny and almost windless day. In the morning I therefore headed for the harbor. Although the weather was excellent, there weren’t many birds around. I could make some shots of the […]

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Nice November

The weather in the Netherlands has been extremely friendly for the time of the year: some sun, almost no rain nor wind and temperatures above the average. This gives some nice opportunities for framing species […]

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PSP and others

This morning the wind had subsided and the early morning sun looked promising – so to the harbor I went (again). Found the usual Turnstones, but this time I also found the Purple Sandpiper (PSP). […]

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