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A Flying Circus

The early seventies gave us ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’. Who doesn’t know the ‘Dead Parrot Sketch‘? Anyway. Last week gave me a flying circus as well. A Circus cyaneus to be more precise, also known […]

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Little More

Some weeks ago, I found a Little Owl that appeared ‘approachable’. After my first visit I went back one more time, trying for some different images. Inspired by these little, fluffy owls, I decided to […]

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The Little Owl on the Prairie

Well, maybe it’s a pole instead of a prairie, but what the heck. Yesterday, after a rather disappointing visit to an area where I hoped for some nice waterfowl, I decided to drive past a […]

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Home Alone

Home alone for me doesn’t only mean pizza, Chinese takeaway and party all night. It also makes me go out (even) a little more than normal, especially in the evening. Since this is the slowest […]

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Ospreys Around the World

My first good shots of Osprey I made a decade ago in Oman. After that I saw some during my travels, and even not too far from home I was able to photograph some. That […]

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Urban Jungle?

  Some days ago I visited a suburb in a not-too-attractive nearby town. The reason? Long-eared Owls that have chosen this place to spend their days for some years now. Smack in the middle between […]

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Parental Chores

As written earlier, the Sparrow-hawks in ‘my’ forest had three young this year. Even if by now they have left the nest and can fly around by themselves, I always have the impression that the […]

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Evening Encounter

Yesterday I was home late, and after haven eaten my dinner, I wanted to get some fresh air. So I ventured out into the nearby forest, and since you never know what you will find, […]

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Short-ears in Flight

Around the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to frame Short-eared Owls. As true masters in camouflage, during the day they were hardly discernible in the tall grasses. However in the late afternoon (mostly […]

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Under mummy’s wings…..

Photographing a nest is normally ‘not done’. And you wouldn’t normally risk to get close to an Eagle Owl’s (Oehoe) nest neither!  But what if – for the 3rd year in a row – the […]

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Kestrel Collection

Because I have quite a lot of Kestrel (Torenvalk) shots, I rarely go out with the specific goal of framing it. Since it’s one of my favorite raptors however, of course I never let a […]

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