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You’re wired!

One could argue that this antenna-equipped bird looks like a remote-controlled Turkey. But it’s not, it’s a Great Bustard. A rarity in The Netherlands. Question is, of course, how ‘wild’ is this bird? A matter […]

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Fall Nutcracker

As written in my earlier blog on the Spotted Nutcracker, I was a little taken aback by the fact that the bird had chosen to spent most of its time between bricks when I was there […]

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Nuts and Walls

Some two weeks ago a Spotted Nutcracker was reported in Wageningen, The Netherlands. And that wasn’t all: it seemed unafraid of people and let itself be photographed very easily. Since a long time this particular […]

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Little & Loud

This week I have visited the island of Helgoland for some days (more on that later). In order to break down the long drive, I decided to make some stops on the way. So, I […]

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Parrot Crossbills

Last November I had some Parrot Crossbills close to my home, however it turned out impossible to get some descent shots. Parrot Crossbills are birds from Northern and Eastern Europe and are rare in The Netherlands. Since […]

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Last week I decided to go for a ‘twitch’ again. A Desert Wheatear was spotted close to our international airport, Schiphol (Amsterdam). It would be my fourth in The Netherlands, number five in all if […]

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Loon in the City

Some weeks ago, in one of the canals of my hometown, a Great Northern Loon was discovered. A rarity, and so close to home 🙂 ! Although it was already at the end of day, […]

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American Junky

Early February, a rare visitor was found in Groningen, the most northern part of the country: a female Dark-eyed Junco. Since the bird was not a lifer (I had seen it years ago on it’s home […]

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Sylvia deserti

Last week, another extreme rarity was sighted in The Netherlands: an African Desert Warbler. Never seen in The Netherlands before, nor in this part of Europe. The bird normally lives in North-West Africa. The discovery […]

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Pied Wheatear (now revisited)

Today I had a lifer: the Pied Wheatear, a bird that lives in Southeast-Europe and Asia, and winters in East-Africa. Hence, for The Netherlands a rarity. Yesterday I received some messages on my phone that […]

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White-crowned Traveller ?

Last monday a White-crowned Wheatear was reported. Birders in The Netherlands were excited, since it would be the first time this bird would have shown up here. People came from all over the country to […]

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Lesser Yellowlegs

Last september I saw my first Lesser Yellowlegs (Kleine Geelpootruiter) in The Netherlands, close to my home (of course I had seen this species in the US on several occasions). It was however impossible to […]

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