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In the Spotlight

Taking pictures in a forest has it’s own challenges. Especially the contrast between light and dark patches can be difficult to handle, of course mostly when the sun is shining. On the upside, if the […]

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Minutes apart

This morning I made short walk in a small nature reserve, not too far from my home. As the sun was slowly rising, the fog was lifting as well. These shots were taken only some […]

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Robin the Bat(h)man

Yesterday I spent the day in a photo hide. Of course hoping for some special species. No such luck. The light and weather were excellent, but a  Sparrow Hawk decided to spend the day around the […]

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A Calm Day

The weather forecast said it was going to be a calm day with hardly any wind. Here, along the coast line, this is not often the case – so I was also hoping for some […]

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Shooting in the Rain

A while ago Remco, Marco and me planned a day for hide-photography. Something you have to plan, since the hide is often booked and it’s quite a distance by car, even in a small country […]

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‘Nother Nuthatch

The last days have been pretty hectic, and it was hard to find time for going out. Since everyone needs some fresh air, I managed to get away every now and then – but had […]

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Trying to keep my sorrow back in shape, I made some short walks in the area where I live. Walking the same round several times, I got some suspicious looks from a local Jackdaw (Kauw). […]

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Rail and Tit revisited

This week I went back to the Water Rail to see if pictures in sunlight proved better than those without. I am still not sure, see the previous post and form your own opinion 😉 […]

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