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In my early birding days I found my first European Stonechat. I still can remember how excited I was. And happy with the crap record shots for that matter. Over the years I learned more […]

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The Reliable Ones

Birding and bird photography is a combination between planning, knowledge and luck. Sometimes one comes home with filled memory cards, sometimes empty-handed. So, it’s always nice that there are also certain areas with ‘reliable species’. Not […]

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Wintering Chat

The European Stonechat is mainly a summer visitor in The Netherlands, but not all leave for warmer countries during winter. So, every now and then, I encounter some in winter. Well, winter, that’s a relative term […]

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Bird on a Stick

A polite way of describing a not extremely interesting bird shot: ‘ah, a bird on a stick’. But of course, there’s birds and birds. And sticks and sticks. In this particular case I didn’t wish […]

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European Stonechat

Even while many Stonechats (Roodborsttapuit) fly to Africa for the winter season, some stay around. So this morning, while taking an early morning walk, I stumbled upon one of those. Since it had been freezing […]

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Dry days

The last time there has hardly been any rain. Even if the temperatures are pretty okay, most birds seem to lay low, especially during the day. So in order to frame some, one has to […]

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The Family Stone

As you can read in previous blogs, the Bluethroats have offspring, as have the Grebes here in the pond. Yesterday I found out that the Stonechats (Roodborsttapuit) also have at least one chick. Attached some […]

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Small birds….

Since our bathroom is under complete reconstruction, I sometimes have to leave my home office (no electricity, no water). Two days ago I checked upon the European Stonechats (Roodborsttapuit) but there was too much wind […]

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Unpredictable Weather

Opening the curtains this morning revealed a sunny day, with a tiny amount of fresh snow on the fields – an ideal day to start with a drive around the farm fields. Soon enough I […]

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Killer Kestrel and more

Yesterday was a nice, sunny and almost windless day. In the morning I therefore headed for the harbor. Although the weather was excellent, there weren’t many birds around. I could make some shots of the […]

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Mixed Assortment

Even if these days there is not a lot happening, and I spent considerable time at the Kestrels’ Place, sometimes there’s also some other bird around. Yesterday some Canada Geese flew by (Grote Canadese Gans) […]

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Bluethroats and more

I do have a favorite spot for Bluethroats not too far from where we live, and since there’s a lot of them arriving right now in the Netherlands, I yesterday ealry morning went by to […]

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