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Ever since we moved to this place in 2006, we have had Oystercatchers breeding on the neighbouring rooftops. As the coast line has hardly any good breeding spots left here (due to buildings and recreation) […]

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Harbour Homies

This week I visited the harbour two times. All the usual suspects showed up: Purple Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones and Oystercatchers. Good to see the Sandpipers again, for me the first time this fall. As I […]

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Nikon D500 + 500mm f4  | 1/2000s | f5 | ISO140| underexposed 2/3EV | camera on the ground | The Netherlands 2017

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Catcher in the Sea

This morning the weather was a little weird, not clear whether it would be sunny of overcast. By lack of other or better ideas, I went to the beach – I hardly ever come back […]

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Fluffy Chick

Recently I stumbled upon a breeding Oystercatcher. The bird was very alert, and since I didn’t want to disturb it any further, I kept my distance. I could see however through my binoculars that the […]

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Coast or City?

Oystercatchers to me are coastal birds. Most places and countries where I have seen them, they tend to hang around the shorelines mainly. But not overhere. Okay, most of them are still seen close to […]

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Raising a little Rebel

The Eurasian Oystercatchers that have been breeding on the flat roof of our neighbors, have a child ! The chick is almost ‘finished’, but still being fed by the parents. The modus operandi looks as […]

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City Dwellers

Oystercatchers originally were mainly found at the coastline, indeed the best place for catching Oysters I’d say. More and more however, they move towards farmlands and cities as well. At this moment a pair is […]

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The Early Bird catches the Worm ?

“The Early Bird catches the Worm”, or so they say. In this case it was not that obvious. Besides the fact that the images were taken late afternoon, but okay. Anyway, the Oystercatcher was digging […]

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In Flight

Last weekend we spent some days in the province of Zeeland, one of the hotspots for birders in the Netherlands. Strong winds and rain made for some real ‘dutch’ weather. However, at the same time […]

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Catching the Catcher

The last couple of days I paid several visits to the harbor – to check if any special birds were around after the heavy storms. Alas, it was rather quiet. Of course, at the beach, […]

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At the shoreline

It is almost surreal: last week the temps reached almost 30 degrees Celsius, yesterday heavy rains and storm. Fall has arrived…. In any case it’s worth checking the shorelines now and then for vagrant birds. […]

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