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So you think you can dance

Some people call this phenomena the ‘dance of the Starlings’. Not sure whether or not it is a dance, the choreography is great. To say the least. In my previous blog I showed some B&W images. […]

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Stunning Starling Shapes

The murmuration of Starlings can be one of the most breathtaking experiences in nature. “Can”, as I have ever so often seen groups going directly to their beds without any ‘show’. If one is lucky […]

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Over a 100.000 and still counting

For those that love high numbers, there are several hotspots again in The Netherlands where one can witness the ‘murmuration’ of Starlings. Just before sunset, enormous numbers of birds gather to occupy their sleeping places. One of […]

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Starlings and Stripes

Last spring I visited a place where large groups of Common Starlings gathered for what is called ‘murmuration’. From all directions the birds came to regroup before heading for their beds.  This fall, however, this […]

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