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Billy White

As written in my previous post, I recently spent a week in Portugal. Since it was my third visit to the region, I didn’t expect too much news and decided to try and make some […]

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Billy in the Garden

A while ago I wrote about Billy in the City, a Spoonbill close to our home. Last month we spent a weekend with friends in the province of Zeeland. We had rented a holiday home […]

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Billy in the City

Last Sunday we went for our weekly run in the nearby forest. When almost home, I noticed an Eurasian Spoonbill. Not a bird that uncommon, but I haven’t seen that many in my city. So […]

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Spoonbill Siblings

Spoonbills rock ! I simply love these birds, especially during the breeding season when they show their ‘bushy nuchal crest’. Of course they are unmistakable with their typical bill with a spatula-shaped tip (hence the […]

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