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She’s not there

Since several days, I am humming this Carlos Santana song while checking out the woods. Well, to me it’s a Carlos Santana song, for others it may be a song by The Zombies (original, dated […]

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Parental Chores

As written earlier, the Sparrow-hawks in ‘my’ forest had three young this year. Even if by now they have left the nest and can fly around by themselves, I always have the impression that the […]

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Evening Encounter

Yesterday I was home late, and after haven eaten my dinner, I wanted to get some fresh air. So I ventured out into the nearby forest, and since you never know what you will find, […]

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Spending time with the Sparrowhawks – The Female

The parks and forest close to my home host several pairs of Sparrowhawks. Usually it’s just a matter of luck of running in to them, but if you visit the places regularly there seem to be […]

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Parental Responsibilities

The last couple of days I was abroad, but before I left and after I returned I checked upon the Sparrow-hawks (Sperwer). They still seem to do well: mother is killing like crazy to provide […]

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Successful Sparrow-hawks

This year I had the unique opportunity to witness a pair of Sparrow-hawks (Sperwer) working on their offspring. During a visit to a nearby forest me and some other birders heard a couple of Sparrow-hawks […]

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Lousy Days?

One of the fun things about birding is that you can never be sure what to expect. I am not so sure about that fun part…  The last days I had several plans, but none […]

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Lunch !

This female Sparrow-hawk (Sperwer) had quite a good lunch by the looks of it. She took her time eating it, even the prey’s (a songthrush?) feet found their way to the Sparrow’s stomach. May is […]

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Some days are better than others….

Last friday I twisted my back in a – successful – attempt to get a low angle shot of the Hoopoe (see post last friday). Sitting behind a desk and a computer doesn’t make it […]

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Full Service Provider

Some days ago I wrote that ‘my’ female Sparrow-hawk was waiting in vain for food and hence finally caught her own. Apparently the Hawks also read my blog, since today I witnessed a change in […]

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Thirsty, hungry Female looking for single Male, pref. with snack….

This female Sparrow-hawk was apparantly thirsty and hungry. Since the male didn’t provide services besides mating, she first went for a drink, then did some stretching of the feathers and finally found something to eat. […]

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Sparrow-hawks Continued

Since I will be leaving for a trip to the Far East soon, this morning I paid a (for the moment) last visit to the Sparrow-hawks again. There’s a lot to say about them, but […]

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