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Ruddy Rendez-vous

Ruddy Turnstones are quite reliable birds. Usually they show when and where you expect them: at the shoreline or around the harbour. This time of year, you may find them still in their breeding plumage, […]

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Harbour Homies

This week I visited the harbour two times. All the usual suspects showed up: Purple Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones and Oystercatchers. Good to see the Sandpipers again, for me the first time this fall. As I […]

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Reliable Ruddy

Sometimes I just want to go out and get some fresh air. Usually I take the camera, just in case. And, at the harbour, there’s one species I can always rely on: the Ruddy Turnstones. […]

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Ruddy T.

This time of year is the right time for meeting up with some old friends. Breeding along the northern shore lines, Ruddy Turnstones winter along ours. So, when visiting our coasts and harbours during fall […]

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A Tale of two Turnstones

The Ruddy Turnstone can be found almost everywhere at coastlines around the world, depending on the season that is. Here in The Netherlands we have many of them in winter time, and they are known […]

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Fishy surprise

When I teamed up recently with Remco at the harbor, things looked bad. The sun that was promised to us didn’t shine, the wind was strong and sand and salty water sprayed us. I had seen […]

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Short Stay Shots

These days it’s hard to go out for long periods, ’cause of busy times 😉 . Nevertheless, if can spare some 30 minutes or so, I venture out, since the weather has been pretty good […]

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PSP and others

This morning the wind had subsided and the early morning sun looked promising – so to the harbor I went (again). Found the usual Turnstones, but this time I also found the Purple Sandpiper (PSP). […]

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Scheveningen Harbor and the Rudy’s

Another end-of-the day visit at the beach. This time no slashes of rain and sand, but nice and sunny weather. The birds were mainly busy sunning, flying or bathing. The must have thought: finally some […]

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Little guys

After a day in the (home) office yesterday, I decided to drive to the beach for a short shot of fresh air. Among many Ruddy Turnstones I suddenly found this lonely Dunlin, according to Menno […]

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