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Little More

Some weeks ago, I found a Little Owl that appeared ‘approachable’. After my first visit I went back one more time, trying for some different images. Inspired by these little, fluffy owls, I decided to […]

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The Little Owl on the Prairie

Well, maybe it’s a pole instead of a prairie, but what the heck. Yesterday, after a rather disappointing visit to an area where I hoped for some nice waterfowl, I decided to drive past a […]

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Home Alone

Home alone for me doesn’t only mean pizza, Chinese takeaway and party all night. It also makes me go out (even) a little more than normal, especially in the evening. Since this is the slowest […]

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A Fence Best Friend

Fences are usually meant for keeping animals or people out. Or in. Just a matter of which team you’re in. Of course you can jump them, try to make your neighbour pay for them or […]

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Little on Lesvos

Little Owls are pretty common on the Greek island of Lesvos. They can be found on boulders, fences, houses and (surprisingly) high up in the trees. So during my trip earlier this month, I had […]

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The Search Game

Last week I spent on the beautiful Greek island of Lesvos. A true birders paradise. Since I was co-guiding a birdwatching tour (for Inezia Tours), of course photography was driving in the back seat. But, […]

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Little Owl

Some days ago I had the opportunity of visiting a farm where a family of Little Owls resides. Although I was able to shoot this species already on Lesvos and in Morocco, my pictures of ‘Dutch’ […]

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Short Stay Shots

These days it’s hard to go out for long periods, ’cause of busy times 😉 . Nevertheless, if can spare some 30 minutes or so, I venture out, since the weather has been pretty good […]

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