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The Highland White

Despite the lack of highlands, our country boasts many Highland Cows. Maybe it’s just a matter of overcompensation? Anyway. Among a group of these furry cows, I noticed a young one, in a different dress. […]

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Interesting Skies

Usually bird-against-the-sky photos don’t render interesting images. That is, unless the sky is actively part of the image of course. For instance due to intens colours, patters or clouds. In those cases I am quite […]

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Forest in B&W

Fall is of course best known for its wonderful colours. This year I decided to see what B&W shots would do with an ‘Autumn’ forest. To make things easy, I picked the forest adjacent to […]

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Fun Fox

“The best bird of the day was a mammal”. Often heard among birders. Last Wednesday proved this proverb to be true once again. My visit to the harbour and the beach had resulted in not […]

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Winter in The Netherlands hardly ever brings some snow. Last Sunday and Monday we had some, however. Lack of time and obligations prevented me from going out as much as I would have liked, but […]

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“Hey, wait, isn’t that a…?”

Some birds are masters in blending in with their environment. When you are not actively looking for them you probably won’t even notice that they’re there. Unless they move or call, that is. In this […]

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Calliope calliope!

Last Friday a long-expected and wished for species finally turned up in The Netherlands: a male Siberian Rubythroat !! One of the most beautiful species from the field guide. In short: as things goes nowadays, the […]

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Colored Skies

Over the last weeks, we have had quite some days that ended with interesting skies. Of course, a good place for framing those is at the beach, as you can tell from the title photo. […]

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Playing in the Woods

In the forest close-by we can see small changes everyday this time of year. Right now large parts of the forest are carpeted with ‘Wood Anemones’ (Anemone nemorosa) – creating a nice and delicate pattern. For […]

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Pied Wheatear (now revisited)

Today I had a lifer: the Pied Wheatear, a bird that lives in Southeast-Europe and Asia, and winters in East-Africa. Hence, for The Netherlands a rarity. Yesterday I received some messages on my phone that […]

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Green and featherless

Although I like basically everything connected with wildlife and nature, species that can only be captured well with a macro lens don’t have my preference. Not because I don’t like them, but I believe it’s […]

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White-crowned Traveller ?

Last monday a White-crowned Wheatear was reported. Birders in The Netherlands were excited, since it would be the first time this bird would have shown up here. People came from all over the country to […]

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