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Twite Time Ticking?

Some Twites are still around in my area. Big question: how long will they stay ? Okay, I have already made some pretty okay shots, but I can’t resist to visit them over and over […]

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Totally Twite

A while ago I wrote a blog on Twites. Believe it or not, but they are still around. And what’s more, there are some more spots now in The Netherlands that boast smaller and larger […]

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Friar, Frater or Frère?

Well, where to start ? Twites are not uncommon birds in The Netherlands, either migrating or wintering. That said, one hardly ever sees them. This time I found two close to my home, close to […]

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First Bird

Of course I saw birds as of January 1st. Shooting however had to wait some days, due to bad weather and work. Anyway, my first trip with the camera brought me, among other species, a Twite. […]

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