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Mountain Marmots

To me, marmots and mountains are strongly connected. I remember, as a child, visiting the Swiss Alps and seeing and hearing these wonderful ‘Murmeltiere’ high up in the mountains. Last month, I visited the Rocky […]

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Interesting Skies

Usually bird-against-the-sky photos don’t render interesting images. That is, unless the sky is actively part of the image of course. For instance due to intens colours, patters or clouds. In those cases I am quite […]

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See you later ….

Who says Florida, says Alligators. I had never seen them, but here they seem to be everywhere. Lying in the sun. Actually, besides exactly that, and some floating, I haven’t seen them perform any action. […]

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Clouds in B&W

Clouds can make for quite some interesting images. During one of my trips this year, I noticed some nice cloud formations and structures in the skies. Processing them in B&W emphasized their shapes, and made […]

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Messing with the Milky Way

Last month I was camping out in Lassen Volcanic Park (CA). Being a city guy, I am always amazed and awed by the amount of stars you can see in the mountains. Due to high altitude […]

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The Tree and Me

Well, the title of this blogs says it all I assume. Wanting to show some of the trees and forest I encountered on my recent trip, I thought I might as well include some ‘making […]

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In passing by

For me, traveling by car through the US always has a certain charm. Things that for locals may be normal, to me (as a European) look sort of exotic. Everyday scenes like gas stations, motels […]

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Coyotes Californian Cuisine

  This evening I went to Antelope Island to see if I could improve my shots of both the Burrowing Owls and the Loggerhead Shrikes. This proved to be not really successful. On my way […]

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Burrowing Bonanza

Currently I am on a short trip to the United States, and am spending some days in Utah. Last year I had made some nice images of Burrowing Owls (Holenuil) that I wanted to improve […]

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