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Creative Tern

Last weekend we spent in the province of Zeeland with friends. On the day of our departure, the weather was overcast with rain showers. Still, we ventured out to a small harbour. Not much happening […]

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Taking Terns

This weekend I spent with friends in the province of Zeeland. Beside having a great time, walking, cycling and wine drinking, we also checked the surroundings for some birds. The high temps didn’t make it […]

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At the shoreline

It is almost surreal: last week the temps reached almost 30 degrees Celsius, yesterday heavy rains and storm. Fall has arrived…. In any case it’s worth checking the shorelines now and then for vagrant birds. […]

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Close to ‘da House’…

Due to work and other appointments, these days I have to do with birds close to our house. Luckily the Great Spotted Woodpeckers (Grote Bonte Specht) are still around, which made for some minutes of […]

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