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Cold Cattle

For me, Cattle Egrets are associated with pleasant temperatures. You know: shorts and flip flops, my favourite shooting attire 😉 . Since I have seen them mainly in Asia, Africa and Southern Europe, this probably […]

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Winter in The Netherlands hardly ever brings some snow. Last Sunday and Monday we had some, however. Lack of time and obligations prevented me from going out as much as I would have liked, but […]

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The first time I was allowed to vote, I voted PSP (Pacifist Socialist Party). Years later, PSP for me would mean Purple Sand Piper. Interesting how things develop. Anyway. This time of year is good […]

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Snowy Storks

Close to my home there’s a group of some 25 White Storks. They apparently have decided not to travel south in winter, but to hang around instead. So, when it snowed a while ago, I decided […]

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Wintering Chat

The European Stonechat is mainly a summer visitor in The Netherlands, but not all leave for warmer countries during winter. So, every now and then, I encounter some in winter. Well, winter, that’s a relative term […]

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