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Block Buster

Recently I was at an artificial dam along the sea shore, made of concrete and stones. Not really a lot was happening, but I found this White Wagtail roaming the dam for insects. Due to […]

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On The Rocks

The Netherlands are rather flat and don’t boast any rocky terrain. Along the coast line of Finland on the contrary, one finds many nice rocks and boulders. So what’s nicer for a Dutch bird photographer […]

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Mixed species in the Mud

Finally over the last days there has been some activity in the area. Even though it still feels like winter, more and more birds are becoming active – building nests, mating and well, just being […]

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In between appointments

Yesterday I had several appointments in the middle of the country. Of course I brought my camera equipment, hoping to do some shooting in between. Traffic however took up most of my spare moments, but […]

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Parental Responsibilities

The last couple of days I was abroad, but before I left and after I returned I checked upon the Sparrow-hawks (Sperwer). They still seem to do well: mother is killing like crazy to provide […]

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