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Belgian B&W’s

Last weekend we spent in the city of Ghent (Belgium). A beautiful city that gave me ample opportunity to experiment a little with black & white images, as well as with my personal preference for […]

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Budapest Bridges – B&W

Last weekend I visited the Hungarian city of Budapest. As many large cities, it’s situated of the banks of a river, in this case the Danube River. The bridges connecting both sides (Buda and Pest) of […]

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Clouds in B&W

Clouds can make for quite some interesting images. During one of my trips this year, I noticed some nice cloud formations and structures in the skies. Processing them in B&W emphasized their shapes, and made […]

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Playing with B&W

Sometimes I like to convert pictures to B&W, as I showed in a previous blog on the Eurasian Coot. Apple’s Aperture and Photoshop have their limitations. Since I am a happy user of several Topaz Labs […]

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Starlings and Stripes

Last spring I visited a place where large groups of Common Starlings gathered for what is called ‘murmuration’. From all directions the birds came to regroup before heading for their beds.  This fall, however, this […]

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