Taste of Morocco

photocrati galleryLast night we came back from a three week cycling trip through Morocco. Since there are some busy days ahead, herewith some teasers for what’s more to come 😉 . Morocco is – as far as we have experienced – one great country, with stunning nature, a wide variety of birds and most of all very friendly and welcoming people !! A shame that tourists stay away, out of fear of what’s happening in the surrounding countries. Rest assured: Morocco is a ‘must’ to visit. Whether your are into cycling, surfing, birding, culture or whatever: they all have it ! I will fill the galleries over the next few days and/or weeks – so if you are interested, please check every now and then !

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  1. Thank you for your kind words about Morocco.
    A stunning photographs and especially the Moussier’s Redstart, one of my favourites. By the way, what is the background of this photograph, is it a wall or something? it looks very uniform.

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