The Owl and the Squirrel

This morning I went out with two other birders in search of the little Tawny Owls again (Bosuil). The first hours we couldn’t find them, however we could witness some Sparrow-hawks (Sperwer). While looking for the owls, we were able to make some shots of those as well as of other birds, like Nuthatches (Boomklever). After a while I had to go home to finish some work – without having seen the owls. I was just sitting behind my desk when Wim (thanks!) (check: send me a text message: “Hebbes” (“Got ‘m”). So I jumped back on my bike and was able to make some shots of one little owl that was sitting in the sun. Also the male Sparrow-hawk turned up again. Then all of a sudden a curious squirrel turned up and after some exciting moments around the owl, it left – leaving me with a few shots of this encounter – not the best , but a nice reminder at least 😉

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  1. Leuke fotoreeks heb je daar gisteren gemaakt. De jonge uiltjes staan er mooi op. Beide sperwers na elkaar op de foto is natuurlijk ook uniek.
    Buy the way: Mooie site en webblog
    Boudewijn natuurlijk

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