Utah Owls

photocrati galleryJust came back from an extended business trip. Extended as in an added three days for birding ! Seen many of new species, and some owls. I have been searching for Burrowing Owls, but couldn’t find them. Finally I did find however some Great Horned Owls, but ugly perched in a hay barn 🙁 . On my second day of searching on Antelope Island (some 30 miles north of Salt Lake City) I finally found one in a tree ! As a hammer, the evening before my departure, local birder Jack took me to a forest where we waited for the Flammulated Owl to start calling. It did and after a while we found it. Lighting it with a light beam, I made some shots – at 1/125 sec handheld with 600mm. The result wasn’t that disappointing.. More USA birds the follow over the next days !

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