Utah Part 1

Burrowing Owl taking of

The last days I spent in Utah. As most years I was on business in Salt Lake City and decided (again) to add some days birding. Last year I was in search for the Burrowing Owls, which I could not find at the time. This year however, I got help from Ron Dudley (thanks!) who gave me some information on the places to look for these little lovely birds – and I found them. Over the course of three days I visited several places, all within a 60 minute drive from Salt Lake – most time I spent on Antelope Island, famous for it’s Bisons. Currently I am sorting an odd 1200 photo’s, and since this is my busy period (work wise) it may take some weeks before they land on the galleries and the blogs. Here the first teaser 😉 . Hope you like it ! I surely do……

Ring-necked PheasantWestern KingbirdEastern KingbirdSwainson's HawkBurrowing OwlWestern GrebeSwainson's HawkCoyote



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  1. Mia McPherson August 25, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    Terrific take off pose Hans. It was great to meet you!

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