Warbler’s day

Common Grashopper Warbler | Sprinkhaanzanger

Today promised to be (or at least start) sunny. So early morning I went to a place called “De Groene Jonker” to see if I could find some nice waterfowl. Alas there was a lot around, but all far away. However, I was lucky in some other respect: several times I already have heard the sound of Sevi’s Warbler (Snor), but sofar never managed to see one. This time however I saw one and could also take some shots! Also I improved on the Grashopper Warbler (Sprinkhaanzanger). When finally driving of to a business meeting, beside the road I found some Barn Swallows (Boerenzwaluw) and of course had to stop and take some shots. Risking a late arrival, but hey… 😉


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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Wat had je een prachtige ochtend in de Groene Jonker (gelukkig). De SHZ had ik al op BP gezien…dat is echt een juweeltje, maar de rest van je foto’s hier zijn ook weer een lust voor het oog. Kan niet kiezen vind ze allemaal prachtig.



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