Workin’ days…

photocrati galleryThese days a lot of the smaller birds are feeding their chicks. The Blue Tits (Pimpelmees) in the nesting cage, attached on my first floor balcony, are raising eleven (!) chicks at the moment. Since the cage is ‘camera-equiped’ we can follow this on our TV-screen. It’s great to watch and a lot of friends are visiting us to have a look at ‘our’ babies. The Marsh Tits (Glanskop) are the new neighbors of the Sparrow-hawk couple I have been monitoring over the last weeks. They have their nest inside a tree and use a real ‘entrance’ and ‘exit’ for their nest. Collecting food, feeding the chicks, and taking the garbage out. And this hundreds of times a day.. That’s what we call ‘workin’ days’. On the upside: the young will leave the nest within a couple of weeks….

Oh yes: these shots were taken close to the nests. Nesting photography is a delicate issue, but rest assured: I kept a good distance from the birds,  all shots are cropped heavily. The feeding process has not been disturbed while taking these pictures !

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